Retractable Roof in Singapore

A retractable roof in Singapore provides one the best options to completely let in or shield against the sometimes-crazy sun whenever desired. Whether it is a retractable awning or a vertical drop system, our extensive catalogue has a variety of models for consideration. Our different retractable awnings will provide welcome shade in your indoor space without having to sacrifice space.


A retractable roof is a type of roof that can be drawn or retracted depending on the owner’s preference. It can be extended to provide a shade and minimise the amount of sunlight indoors. It can also be used to shade the area on the poolside where people will sit or lay down after dipping in the pool. Some retractable roofs can also be customised to include marketing messages for dual purpose when drawn down. The good thing about a retractable roof is that it can be retracted when not in use or when there is a risk of it being damaged. 


Should you need a retractable roof for your business or home in Singapore? Talk to us today so we can provide you with the most ideal recommendation to match your requirements.


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