Retractable Awning System

Product Description

Retractable awning in Singapore is a popular roofing solution because it allows one to expand indoor living space while cutting back on glare. 


The great thing about quality retractable awning is that it can be extended fully or partially to any percentage of open to shade your outdoor living space when the sun is too hot or roll back to allow the sun to add light to your area.  Did you know that  you can utilise sunlight as a natural, energy-saving light during the daytime. However, it can also be a problem when the excess sunlight causes your indoor space to be uncomfortably warm. While awning is already an old but gold solution, you will want something that can be retracted when you feel like letting the sunlight in, right?


Shadetimes is a local awning supplier in Singapore that offers quality retractable systems along with other roofing solutions. As a trusted awning contractor, we can help you get the perfect roof for your place. There are two functions of retractable awning systems in Singapore – either manually manoeuvring it with the turn of a handle or by using a remote control with the push of a button.


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