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We are a roofing specialist in Singapore for all your sunshade needs. As one of the leading roofing contractors in Singapore in design and manufacturing of sunshades, we offer a broad selection of products. Our product range includes Retractable Awning Systems, ZEN Latin Systems, Outdoor Vertical Drop Systems, Fixed Roofing, Outdoor Parasols, and other related roofing solutions.


We are capable of handling a wide range of projects, from large scale installations with property developers and architects, to projects on a more modest scale for small businesses and private home owners.


We approach each project as a collaborative effort with the client. Before recommending and installing a roofing product, we make it a point to survey the site, consult with our clients, and carefully plan each project. We offer the same attention to detail, personalised service, and reasonable pricing to all our clients.


As a premier roofing contractor company in Singapore, we are proud to walk with you every step of your life, providing you with shelter throughout the year.


Enquire on our website or contact us at +65 6456 6757 now for more details.

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